The VATAME HQ system is a management tool used by members of the VATSIM network.

The HQ system is a Region, Division, and vACC Management resource created by the VATSIM Africa/Middle East region (VATAME) and used by members of the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation (VATSIM) network. With the HQ System, managers will be able to see membership rosters, vACC assignments, training schedules, give and proctor written exams, create OTS exam reports, send email newsletters, manage staff assignments, and get an overall, eagle’s eye view of how things are running in their region, division, and vACC.

The HQ system has a robust permission level system depending on which level in the staff you are in. The current levels of the HQ system are: Members (non-staff), BoG/Founders, Regional Staff, Division Staff, vACC Staff, and instructors/mentors. Each of the levels has their own sub-levels to further fine tune the permissions a member has. For example, a division ATC training director will have access to the training records for their whole division whereas the vACC training director will only have access to their vACC members' training records.

In the following chapters, each of the levels is described on what functions they have. In addition, there will be further chapters describing specific modules in the HQ system.

Requirements If you are a using the HQ site, please use the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers may have certain issues with some functionality. Below are links to the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.

Google Chrome: Mozilla Firefox:

HQ System URL Currently, the VATAME HQ system is hosted at